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Money Back Guarantee

Our 38 years Proven Consumer Service protects your nominal service fee in four important ways.

  • 1 We Guarantee the Absolute LOWEST PRICE researched for your specified vehicle or your money back. Simply provide proof of purchase at a lower price obtained anywhere prior to our quote for a full service fee refund.
  • 2 We Guarantee our price quotes will beat all advertised prices even up to 30 days after delivery or grant a full service fee refund.
  • 3 We guarantee the accuracy of our extensive vehicle locating ability. Search areas may gladly include local, statewide, regional and nationwide. If your vehicle does not exist, we'll provide documented proof, notify you of the closest match or have the auto maker build it your way.
  • 4 We guarantee the highest trade-in price for your vehicle. Simply provide proof of purchase of your specified new vehicle at a lower price along with your trade-in at a higher price to the same dealer for a full service fee refund.

Buy or Lease at the Absolute Lowest Price and the Absolute Lowest Monthly Payment every time, Guaranteed!

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