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Our 38 Years-Proven Nationwide Professional New Car Buying and Leasing Consumer Services has completed more than 40,000 transactions for our valued clients.

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How Our Services Will Help You Save a Lot More Money

Lowest Price

We will help you get any new car at the absolute lowest price, the lowest auto loan or lease rate based on your precise credit score from hundreds of lenders and the lowest monthly payment, money-back guaranteed.

Personalized Consumer Service

Our highly personalized Consumer Service is as easy as ordering a pizza. You can order by phone and upon your approval of the lowest price results, get delivery to your door where you can inspect it, test drive it if you wish and sign the selling dealer's paperwork only if you love it!

Avoid Markups and Commissions

Serving as your Professional New Car Buyer, we save you a lot of money by avoiding retail car salespeople, sales tactics and excessive retail markups.

Save More with Hidden Rebates

We'll also uncover all "Hidden Rebates" ranging from many hundreds to many thousands of dollars even on the newest and most popular new cars and hybrids, to help you buy them way below the car dealer's original invoice cost.

When automakers are at maximum production building cars, virtually every automaker has Hidden Rebates every day, every month throughout the entire model year. Don't be fooled by retail car salespeople who are unaware of these or deny they exist.

Buying Versus Leasing

FYI; Here is everything important you should know about the real differences between buying and leasing a new car or truck. Leasing a new vehicle will help you get a much lower monthly payment and requires a significantly lower down payment amount.


The Most Expensive Way To Buy or Lease Any New Car is To Buy it Yourself

On average, our Clients will save at least an additional $3,500.00 more than you will otherwise overpay doing it yourself. You don't have to take our word on this important fact…

From the Auto Industry's weekly publication, Automotive News, regarding car dealers' "Back End Profits" resulting from taking delivery at a car dealership yourself where you are forced to step into the Finance Manger's office to print the paperwork. This is when you're subject to this commission compensated staff member who must mark up your interest rate and must present costly "up-sale" aftermarket products. This will add another $2,000.00 dealer profit - and when accounting for the actual cost of goods sold, adds an additional $3,500.00 total for every transaction.

Car dealers marking up your interest rate will not be permitted and by taking delivery at your home or work, you will avoid the car dealers' Finance Manager!

Have a Trade-In?

If you have a used car you need to sell, our "Trade-In Assistance Plan" will help you get the highest resale value, Money-Back Guaranteed and here's how it works…

We'll obtain multiple appraisals from both groups of professional used car buyers within new car dealerships and independent buyers (not affiliated with new car stores) throughout your region. You'll receive the highest appraised amount and upon your approval, your vehicle will be picked up at your location with payment made to you.

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Enjoy Transparent Pricing and Payment Results

Your results will be personally delivered by telephone and email with complete transparency. This includes documents for your review, with full disclosures for all vehicle pricing at the lowest costs, including sales taxes, registration fees, your lowest auto loan interest rate, and/or lease rate at the actual internal wholesale "Buy Rate" as approved for your precise credit score and your lowest monthly payment!

Not Sure Which New Car To Buy?

Our founder is also a professional auto critic and our services include "Unlimited Consultation."

Enjoy discussing every car you may be interested in and others you may want to consider within your important financial budget. Topics include fuel economy, resale, body style changes, performance, and handling to name a few.

And there is no additional charge for this valuable information to help you avoid a car buying mistake and "buyers remorse."

Topics include: 

  • Fuel Economy
  • Resale
  • Body Style Changes
  • Performance
  • Handling

How Much Do We Charge?

Although there is a nominal charge for service fees, working together will actually cost you nothing. This is because the amount of money (and time) you save is always much, much more than charged.

New Car Buyers Assistance Plan

  • Save up to many thousands of dollars getting the absolute LOWEST PRICE.
  • Upon your approval of the results, we'll arrange new vehicle delivery to your door complete with all the selling dealer's paperwork.
  • Inspect it, test drive it and sign for it only if you love it!
  • Money-Back Guaranteed

Auto Loan Assistance Plan

  • Get the Absolute Lowest Wholesale Auto Loan Rate based on your precise credit score and the Lowest Monthly Payment.
  • Money-Back Guaranteed

Leasing Assistance Plan

  • Lease A Car at the Absolute Lowest Car Prices and Payments.
  • Upon your approval of the results, we'll arrange new vehicle delivery to your door complete with all the selling dealer's paperwork.
  • Inspect it, test drive it and sign for it only if you love it!
  • Money-Back Guaranteed

Trade-In Assistance Plan

  • Get The Absolute Highest Trade-In Price.
  • Upon your approval, payment is made when the vehicle is picked up at your home or work.
  • Money-Back Guaranteed

Nothing To Lose

Try our money-back guaranteed services; it will change the way you buy or lease new cars for the rest of your car buying life and save you a lot of money and time, every time.


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