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Why CarTalk®

Why You Need David Breslow's CarTalk® News Feature Segments

  • Cartalk® connects with every viewer because virtually everyone owns a car. And women, buy just as many new cars as men.
  • Every one loves an opportunity to win new cars. Your viewers will have opportunities to win the best ones with “The People’s Choice Car of the Year Awards®.
  • People's Choice Car Award segments are uniquely highly profitable because they provide additional revenue beyond the traditional advertising income with voting via text messaging.
  • Based on Cartalk’s established, successful TV and radio ratings, the public is hungry for automotive news. Whenever Cartalk® news segments are delivered, the public demonstrates its hunger for this entertaining and informative feature news segment.
  • New cars and trucks are frequently on consumer’s minds, because they buy or lease new vehicles every 3 to 5 years.
  • Consumers are frequently ripped off when buying or maintaining a car. Cartalk® maintenance and repair tips will help prevent this.
  • Opportunity to receive additional automotive-related advertisers who strongly desire to deliver their message to an interested audience purposely tuned in to receive new vehicle information.
  • Cartalk® segments immediately provide a measurable boost in ratings.
  • Ten Exciting CARTALK® Feature News Segments

    The CarTalk® Expert
    of Television & Radio

    New Car and Truck Road Test Reports

    Informative, entertaining and interactive segments that contain road tests of new cars and trucks, often with viewers participating in the road test (some viewers actually own the cars being road tested). Segments are creatively produced with an exciting and upbeat “music-driven” flair. Segments conclude with a “What’s Hot and What’s Not” summary analysis.

    Long Term Test Vehicles

    The hottest new cars and trucks will be provided at no charge by selected automakers for long-term test evaluations. These vehicles are made available to the news station’s General Manager, News Director, Producers and other assigned staff to accumulate mileage; which provides long-term results for reporting each vehicle’s overall quality and reliability to viewers.

    The People’s Choice Car of the Year Awards®

    The first and only award of its kind, this exciting interactive segments gives viewers multiple opportunities to vote for their favorite new vehicle choices and win the best new cars and trucks in various vehicle classes from affordable to luxury, given away courtesy of the winning automaker. Upon helping automakers determine the winning vehicles, selected viewers will receive delivery of a winning vehicle to their door on live television!

    Nominated vehicles are reviewed during regularly scheduled broadcast segments and can also be viewed on the internet at peopleschoicecarawards.com (and the news program’s web site). Viewers vote for their favorite vehicle choices (on-line or via toll text messaging as many times as they wish), becoming eligible to win. Votes received from text messaging will substantially increase revenue for the news program.

    New vehicles can be awarded and given away throughout every ratings sweeps period.

    Dream Car Road Test

    Viewers are invited to write or email David Breslow and request an opportunity to road test their favorite “Dream Car” such as a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley, Lotus, Rolls Royce, etc. A viewer is selected to drive their dream car and share their driving impressions and evaluations with David.

    New Car Unveilings

    Cartalk® dramatically uncovers the latest newly-released vehicle offerings, pre-production or prototype vehicles and provides a lively and informative summary of the vehicle. Vehicles under cover of a veil are great for teases leading into commercial breaks.

    Drive To Stay Alive and Rules of the Road Safe Driving Tips

    “Safe Driving” or “Rules of the Road” questions are posed to viewers prior to commercial breaks with the answers given during the upcoming Cartalk® segment. Great for teases.

    Insider Info

    Everyone wants insider information, and David Breslow will give it! Learn how to buy a new vehicle thousands of dollars below dealer invoice cost, how to get the best deal on any vehicle, and how to beat the dealer at their own game.

    Call-In Cartalk®

    Viewers call in or email with questions and comments about automotive topics for discussion on the air. This segment is always candid, insightful, and professionally delivered with accuracy and balance.

    Your Day at the Racetrack

    Cartalk® offers viewers their chance to be selected to put the pedal to the metal of a new vehicle being reviewed by David Breslow at a local racetrack as they test the vehicle’s high-speed performance and road handling abilities.

    Cars of the Stars

    Profiles of cars and the celebrity stars that drive them! Personal accounts of why the star enjoys their respective car(s). Can also include Celebrity Road Tests—new vehicle reviews with stars driving and comparing results with David Breslow.

    AAA Rated
    Consumer Service

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